UIET, Kathua campus organises Freshers Party 'Esperanza' 2023

JAMMU: UIET, Kathua Campus, University of Jammu, hosted an unforgettable Freshers' Party on 22nd February 2023, to welcome the newly admitted batch of 1st Semester Computer Science and Civil Engineering.

The event "Esperanza 2023" was held at the UIET Conference Hall.

The day was packed with fun, frolic, and a myriad of scintillating performances by students.

From dance performances to songs, a fashion show, and much more, the entire audience was captivated by the awe-inspiring talent of the students.

The party saw seniors and juniors coming together for a day of celebration and bonding.

The party was a perfect balance of entertainment and engagement, with everyone coming together to make it a memorable event.

The ambience was lively, and the atmosphere was electric, filled with excitement and enthusiasm.

The program commenced with the traditional lamp lighting ceremony by the esteemed guests, following which a plethora of activities ensued.

As the day was dedicated to the juniors, they were given the chance to showcase their skills and talents.

Alongside their performances, the seniors organized a few hilarious titles and games, which provided an excellent opportunity for the new batch to interact with their seniors and get to know each other better.

Overall, "Esperanza 2023" was a tremendous success, and it gave the new students a great start to their new journey at UIET.

It provided them with an opportunity to build connections, showcase their talents, and create lasting memories that they will cherish for years to come. The event was an excellent reflection of the vibrant and inclusive culture of UIET, which encourages students to explore their passions and excel in their academic pursuits.

The "Esperanza 2023" Freshers' Party received the blessings of Chief Guest of the day Dr. Meenakshi Kilam, Rector, Kathua Campus, who congratulated the faculty for organizing such a fabulous event. She extended her best wishes to the student fraternity of UIET and exhorted the students to be sincere in their studies and be dedicated for their future career.

Prof. Susheel Kumar Sharma, Coordinator UIET, in his inaugural speech, welcomed the new students and motivated them to put their best foot forward in the new journey of life that they have embarked on and asked the students to utilize their time in best way to achieve the desired goals in their lives.

The event witnessed a plethora of distinguished guests, including Dr. Vivek Sharma, (Academic Coordinator, KC), Dr. Pankaj Khajuria, (Assistant Registrar, KC), Dr. Sourabh Shastri, (HOD, MCA), and Mr. Amit Sharma, (AP, MCA), along with the entire teaching and non-teaching staff of UIET, MBA, and MCA.

The highlight of the evening was the Freshers ramp walk, where the participants showcased their talent, quirkiness, presentability, and smartness to compete for the coveted title of Mr. /Ms. Fresher.

The competition was keenly contested, and the participants dazzled the stage, enthralling the audience.

Er. Rajan Verma, Dr. Seema Jamwal, Er. Rakshit Khajuria, and Er. Sandeep Raj, the faculty members of UIET, served as the judges for the party and evaluated the performances of the participants on various parameters.

The event was an excellent opportunity for the new students to interact with their seniors, faculty, and staff members, providing them with a glimpse of the vibrant campus culture of UIET. The successful organization of "Esperanza 2023" indicates the commitment of the University Institute of Engineering and Technology towards providing a holistic educational experience to its students.

The much-awaited "Dude & Diva" Fresher's ramp walk and questioning round held at UIET culminated in a thrilling finish. Nishant Manhas (CSE) and Janvi Sharma (CSE) emerged as the Mr. and Ms. Fresher respectively, Raghu Aditya(CSE) was honoured as the Overall performer of the event and Nikhil Rajput(Civil) was given the Mr. Stylish Award.

The winners were rewarded with sashes and gifts to commemorate their achievement.

The event concluded on a high note with the formal vote of thanks delivered by the students of UIET.

The success of the event is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the students of 3rd Semester and the faculty members of UIET, who left no stone unturned in organizing an unforgettable experience for the juniors.

It was a day that will be etched in the memories of the new batch of students for years to come. Special thanks to the students of 3rd Semester for organizing this event successfully.

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