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Supreme Court to organise special Lok Adalat from July 29 to August 3

NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court will organise a special Lok Adalat from July 29 to August 3 to facilitate amicable settlement of suitable pending cases.

The special Lok Adalat will be organised in the 75th year of the establishment of the apex court, which came into existence on January 26, 1950 with the coming into force of the Constitution.

In a statement, the apex court said Lok Adalats are an integral component of judicial system in the country, enhancing alternative dispute resolution as a means of expediting and fostering amicable settlements.

"In the 75th year of its establishment, the Supreme Court of India is organising a Special Lok Adalat from July 29, 2024 to August 3, 2024 to facilitate amicable settlements of suitable pending cases," it said.

The statement said organising of the Lok Adalat was pursuant to the commitment to accessible and efficient justice delivery for all sections of the society.

It said cases having elements of settlement, including those relating to matrimonial disputes, property disputes, motor accident claims, land acquisition, compensation, service and labour which are pending before the apex court, would be taken up to facilitate speedy disposal.


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