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Jodhamal student bags Rank 1 at National level in Vidyarthi Vigyaan Manthan

JAMMU: Ryan Lamba of Class XII from Jodhamal Public School (JPS) has bagged Rank 1 at National level in the prestigious Vidyarthi Vigyaan Manthan.

Ryan represented the North Region in the prestigious Vidyarthi Vigyaan Manthan (VVM) competition, which was held at IISER (Indian Institute of Scientific and Educational Research), Bhopal, and was placed first Nationally.

In this regard, it is noteworthy that three students from Jodhamal School, namely Ryan Lamba (Class XII), Tejasvi Raina (Class IX) and Jayendra Singh (Class VIII) had qualified for the National Level of VVM after the rigorous State Level Camp, and participated in the National level Camp organized at IISER, Bhopal.

With a focus on developing young scientific minds, Vidyarthi Vigyaan Manthan is the largest science talent search examination for New India, organized by Vijnana Bharati (VIBHA) in partnership with Vigyan Prasar and NCERT. 

The competition's goal is to find and honour students who have a remarkable aptitude for science and technology while encouraging young people to pursue scientific ideas and inquiry.

This year, 75 of our students took part in the demanding selection process, demonstrating their expertise in a variety of scientific fields as well as their ability to solve problems. Of them, 11 students stood out as the State Champions and 3 coming on strong at National level.

Ryan Lamba made us proud securing 1st Rank in the entire North Region exhibiting exceptional academic ability and commitment.

The importance of this accomplishment and the students' diligence were emphasized by the Trustee, Nandan Kuthiala. "We are immensely proud of our students' accomplishments at the Vidyarthi Vigyaan Manthan," he added. 

Arati Kuthiala, Director said, "Their accomplishments are a tribute to their diligence, curiosity, and love of science. We have no doubts about their ability to succeed and make contributions to science in the future."

These students were mentored by Mr Avinash Singh and Ms Shallu Jamwal.

Principal, Girish Kumar and the Vice Principal Amita Arora complimented the students for their incredible achievement and congratulated them for their hardwork.

Jodhamal students now have taken unprecedented strides in the scientific domains with several of them having bagged prestigious awards and, having obtained national and international patents for their innovative ideas and prototypes. School’s Innovation Hub promotes scientific temperament and ‘out of the box’ thinking, creating a future generation of creative and critical thinkers and scientists.

Ryan’s accomplishment not only vouches for the School’s thrust on innovation, but also inspires his peers and juniors to continue to strive in the field of science and technology. 


We are delighted to congratulate our students on their outstanding achievement and to express our sincere appreciation for the parents and teachers who helped and mentored them along the way.


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