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GDC Ajas organises Anti-Drug Rally

BANDIPORA: Government Degree College Ajas in collaboration with Government AYUSH Dispensary Ajas Bandipora today organized an impactful anti-drug rally in Ajas.

The rally aimed to spread awareness about the detrimental effects of drug abuse and advocate for a drug-free community.

The event witnessed enthusiastic participation from both students and faculty members of GDC Ajas, as well as members of Government AYUSH Dispensary Ajas Bandipora.

During the rally, participants carried anti-drug placards and banners, boldly displaying messages condemning drug abuse. They marched through the streets of Ajas, engaging with local residents and passer-by, spreading awareness about the physical, psychological, and social consequences of drug addiction.

The rally had a profound impact on the local community, drawing attention to the pressing issue of drug abuse and its far-reaching consequences. Through interactive discussions and distribution of informational pamphlets, participants effectively conveyed the message of leading a healthy and drug-free lifestyle.

The anti-drug rally served as a powerful platform to advocate for a drug-free society. By uniting students, faculty, and community members, the event demonstrated collective determination in combating the menace of drug addiction.

On the occasion, Principal GDC Ajas said that such initiatives play a vital role in fostering awareness and a culture of responsibility towards one's health and well-being, and informed that GDC Ajas will continue to organize more awareness campaigns and educational seminars to continue the fight against drug abuse and promote healthier lifestyle choices within the community.

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