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Udhampur Administration hosts IEC on Eco-Friendly waste management for students

UDHAMPUR: A one day Information Education Communication (IEC) activity on Waste Management was conducted today at Common Public Higher Secondary School Sangoor Chowk.

The event was held as part of an initiative launched on the direction of District Development Commissioner Saloni Rai -with the objective of promoting waste management in urban establishments (especially wet waste).

A Live Demonstration on vermicomposting method was given to students and teaching staff by District Subject Matter Specialist-DL Arun Samyal  under the guidance of Chief Agriculture Officer Sanjay Anand.

While demonstrating HDPE Vermibed, cowdung, earth worms (Eisenia fetida} and chopped waste vegetable material were used. All the components of the activity were discussed in detail for overall understanding of the concept of this composting method and its scope and prospects for its utility in converting the domestic waste into a useful manure which can be utilized in productive farming and has the potential of providing sustainable and eco-friendly livelihood.

For further outreach, as per the directions of District Administration more of such live demonstrations shall be conducted in Government/ Private education institutions, government offices, and public places across the district.

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