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"We will not allow return of triple talaq": CM Yogi Adityanath

UTTAR PRADESH: Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, on Monday cautioned people against the manifesto of the INDI alliance, emphasising their alleged intention to "confine daughters and women to their homes".

He stated, "However, they fail to recognize that this nation operates under the Constitution of Baba Saheb Bhimrao Ambedkar. We will not tolerate the revival of the deplorable practice of triple talaq in our country."

Yogi Adityanath addressed a public meeting organized for the Ghosi Lok Sabha constituency of Mau on Monday, where he urged voters to support Lok Sabha candidate Arvind Rajbhar.

Continuing his criticism of the opposition, he remarked, "We must be wary of the INDI alliance, as they proclaim that if they come to power, they will impose inheritance tax. This tax is akin to Aurangzeb's Jizya tax. Moreover, they declare that if they assume power, they will enforce personal laws, indicating their desire to implement Talibani and Sharia law in the country."

He emphasized that under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the nation's stature and the dignity of every Indian have risen globally over the past decade. Consequently, the slogan of 'Fir ek bar Modi Sarkar aur Abki bar 400 paar' reverberates throughout the country.

CM Yogi remarked that the fate of the country has undergone significant transformation in the past 10 years under the leadership of PM Modi. He highlighted that there is now a better security environment prevailing in the nation, with major development projects underway across the country.

"Furthermore, under the guidance of Modi ji, the rights of the poor are being upheld. Free ration facilities are being extended to 80 crore impoverished individuals in the country. Additionally, 60 crore people are benefiting from health insurance coverage of Rs 5 lakh under Ayushman Bharat. As many as, 12 crore farmers benefit from the Kisan Samman Nidhi, and toilets have been constructed in 12 crore households. All this is achievable due to PM Modi's visionary leadership," he emphasized.

CM Yogi further stated that starting from June 4, every elderly person above 70 years of age in the country will be provided with an insurance cover of Rs 5 lakh per year. "The Congress and Samajwadi Party have a negative mindset. They stand against Lord Ram and the nation, denying Dalits and backward communities their rights. Now, they have set their sights on reservations for OBC castes," he remarked.

The CM Yogi continued, "There is talk of breaching Other Backward Class reservations and allocating them to Muslims, but we will not allow this to happen. These rights belong to the OBC caste, and we will not permit them to be usurped."

CM Yogi highlighted that Ambedkar had asserted that religion cannot be the basis of reservation. He underscored that these parties aim to once again divide the country along religious lines, but the public has discerned their intentions. Hence, the public asserts that 'Jo Ram ko laaye hain hum unko layenge.'

CM Yogi appealed to the voters of the Ghosi Lok Sabha seat to support the '400 Paar' Mission. Referring to the election symbol of Arvind Rajbhar, he stated, "This 'chhadi' (walking stick) mission will serve as a support system for the elderly."

On this occasion, state government ministers AK Sharma, Om Prakash Rajbhar, Dara Singh Chauhan, MP Azamgarh Dinesh Lal Yadav Nirahua, Legislative Council members Yashwant Singh, Vikrant Singh, MLA Ram Vilas Chauhan, BJP regional president Sahajanand Rai, etc. were present.


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