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Proactive awareness campaign under SVEEP held at Ramban

RAMBAN: Acting on the directives of District Election Officer, Baseer-Ul-Haq Chaudhary, a proactive awareness campaign under the Systematic Voters’ Education and Electoral Participation (SVEEP) initiative unfolded across the district, aimed at fostering increased engagement of labour voters in the electoral process.

Led by Assistant Labour Commissioner, Amit Kumar and the SVEEP team, dedicated awareness camps were organized at Seri, Digdol, Magarkote and Nachilana, strategically targeting voters working at various construction sites including national projects, emphasizing their pivotal role in shaping democratic outcomes.

Themed ‘Every Vote Matters’ the campaign underscored importance of active participation in elections, particularly among all working sections of society. Through educational sessions and community engagement activities, participants were encouraged to exercise their voting rights on voting day, which has been declared a paid holiday by the authorities, fostering a culture of inclusivity and democratic empowerment.

Speaking at the event, the Nodal Officer directed construction agencies to implement orders regarding paid holidays for all labourers on polling day to ensure their ability to cast their valuable votes. He reiterated the SVEEP team’s unwavering commitment towards ensuring active involvement of every segment of society in the electoral process.

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