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Voter awareness programmes held all 04 Assembly constituencies at Pulwama

PULWAMA: In a continuous effort to encourage voter participation and foster civic engagement, the District Administration Pulwama today organised a series of awareness programmes under (SVEEP), here.

The Special Voter Enrollment, Education, and Participation (SVEEP) initiative aimed to educate and motivate citizens to exercise their right to vote and contribute to the democratic process.

At least 15 programmes were held at various schools across Pulwama, Tral , Pampore and Rajpora constituencies in collaboration with local authorities and community leaders.

The programmes featured interactive sessions, informative workshops and engaging activities to raise awareness about the importance of voting and the upcoming elections. Through innovative approaches and outreach strategies, the initiative reached a wide range of residents, including youth, women and marginalized communities.

The District Election Officer (DEO) Pulwama, Basharat Qayoom expressed his satisfaction with the response and engagement from the community. "The goal is to create a culture of active citizenship and empower every eligible voter to make their voice heard. By organizing these awareness programmes we were able to reach out to different segments of the population and emphasize the significance of participating in the electoral process," he said.

The initiative also focused on addressing common misconceptions, clarifying procedures related to voter registration, and promoting voter literacy among citizens. Through collaborative efforts with local schools, colleges, and community organizations, the programmes successfully conveyed the message of democratic participation and the impact of collective decision-making.

In addition to raising awareness about voting rights, the programmes also highlighted the importance of inclusive and diverse representation in the electoral process. By promoting voter registration and engagement among underrepresented groups, the initiative sought to promote equality and diversity in the democratic space.

As part of the SVEEP Pulwama initiative, various online and offline platforms were utilized to disseminate information, engage with the community, and encourage voter registration. The dynamic and multi-faceted approach ensured that the message reached a wider audience and resonated with individuals from diverse backgrounds and age groups.

Emphasizing the need for sustained efforts to maintain the momentum and ensure continued participation in the electoral process, the DEO further added, "this is just the beginning of our journey towards building an informed and empowered society. We are committed to continuing our efforts to reach out to every citizen, address their concerns, and promote a culture of voting as a fundamental right and responsibility".

The success of the awareness programmes organized by the District Nodal officer SVEEP Pulwama serves as a testament to the commitment of local authorities and the community to uphold democratic values and strengthen civic engagement.

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