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Implementation of Poshan Welfare Schemes reviewed at Doda

DODA: District Programme Officer of Poshan Projects Doda, S. Paramjeet Singh, chaired a review meeting focusing on the performance of ongoing Poshan welfare schemes and the utilization of funds across various categories.

Attended by Child Development Project Officers from all Poshan Projects of the District, the meeting addressed concerns regarding pending fund utilization and low performance in certain parameters within the Poshan Tracker system.

The meeting laid emphasis on resolving pending expenditure across categories such as Pre School Kit, Medicine Kit, RRT, SNP, Honorarium, and Administrative charges under AWCs. Clear directives were issued on completing pending expenditures within fixed timeframes, ensuring 100% update of performance in the Poshan Tracker system.

While reviewing fund utilization under the SNP and Honorarium categories, the chair expressed satisfaction with the expenditure under SNP, directing the utilization of unutilized funds from the Honorarium category. It was noted that 100% of the funds allocated for SNP had been utilized, reflecting efficient management in this regard.

Following the initial review, a second meeting convened to address pending recruitment cases of Sangini (AWWs) under phase 2.

The selection committee, comprising all relevant members, approved two cases from Poshan Project Bhaderwah and two cases each from Poshan Projects Thathri and Gandoh.

The chair stressed the need for expeditious completion of the recruitment process, directing all CDPOs to submit pending cases for review in the upcoming meeting.

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