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GDC Chatroo organizes voters awareness program under SVEEP

KISHTWAR: Government Degree College Chatroo today organized a comprehensive Voters awareness program aimed at enlightening students, staff members and general public about their Voting rights and responsibilities as citizens of the nation under the Voter Education Systematic Voters' Education and Electoral Participation (SVEEP) campaign of ongoing Special Summary Revision of Electoral Roll 2024 in the district.

The programme was organized under the guidance and overall Supervision of Principal of the College, Dr. Ved Kumar.

Dr. Kuldeep Kumar, District Information Officer Kishtwar graced the occasion and shared insights on the significance of voters awareness and emphasizing the pivotal role of an informed electorate and also highlighted the responsibility of each citizen in shaping the democratic process.

He also appealed the Youth attaining 18 years of age as on 01-01-2024 as qualified day to enroll themselves or correct their data if needed in the electoral register during the enrolment and modification exercise under ongoing Summary Revision of Electoral Roll 2024 upto the last date 09th Dec 2023.

The programme started with lamp lightning ceremony. The event featured an insightful extension lecture by Dr. Haqnawaz Ahmad, lecturer of Political science at GDC Chatroo.

The program witnessed a vibrant atmosphere of learning and engagement. Dr. Haqnawaz, in his enlightening lecture provided valuable insights into the significance of Voting Rights in shaping a responsible and aware citizenry.

He highlighted that these Rights are vital to every citizen and these play an important role in deciding the future of the State. Dr. Haqnawaz urged the attendees that right to vote should be exercised responsibly & sincerely as Right to Vote is not just a privilege but a responsibility also.

The initiative by Government Degree College Chatroo reflects the institution's commitment to fostering social awareness and empowering its academic community with knowledge that goes beyond textbooks.

In his presidential address Dr. Ved Kumar, Principal of the college said that such events aimed to instill a sense of civic duty and responsibility among the attendees, encouraging them to use their voting rights positively for the betterment of the society.

He also expressed satisfaction with the turnout and enthusiasm displayed by participants.

Dr. Haqnawaz, emphasized the importance of such awareness programs in shaping well-informed and responsible Citizens. Prof. Dr. Ved Kumar also extends gratitude to Dr. Haqnawaz for his valuable contribution to the program and looks forward to organizing such more initiatives that promote holistic education and social engagement.

The Faculty members who were present during the occasion are Prof. Ghazanfar, Prof. Chander Prakash, Prof. Ajeet Kumar, Dr Inam and Mudassir Bhat.

The whole programme was coordinated by Dr. Jaswant Singh.

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