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Indian Army mountaineering team scales Mount Kang Yatse –II

LEH: An Indian Army mountaineering team accomplished a phenomenal feat by scaling Mount Kang Yatse in the Ladakh region. The team consisting of eight Indian Amry Gunners achieved the impressive feat under the aegis of the Army Mountaineering Institute, Siachen.

Located in the Markha Valley region of Ladakh Mt Kang Yatse -II is situated at an elevation of 6223 meters. The Indian Army has been known to frequently undertake such extensive training drills to make them ready for any possible challenge in operations.

Earlier, in August, a team of mountaineers under Colonel Rajneesh Joshi from Garhwal Rifles successfully summitted Mount Kun (7103m) and Mount Nun (7135m). The team had defied all odds and created history with several records. The team set the record for the fastest climb of Mountain Kun which they completed in seven days.

The team of mountaineers also achieved the feat of being the fastest to climb Mountain Nun in four days. It should be noted that it was the first team of mountaineers to climb Mountain Nun-Kun and the fastest climb of a peak above 7000m. They also performed yoga at an altitude of 7103 metres.


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