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MC Kishtwar promotes cleanliness, healthcare under Swachhta Hi Sewa campaign

KISHTWAR: To promote cleanliness and well-being in the community, the Municipal Council Kishtwar, on the direction of Deputy Commissioner, Dr Devansh Yadav, and under the guidance of Chairman Municipal Council, Sajjad Najjar, and the vigilant supervision of EO Municipal Council, Ninad Sen, conducted an extensive Cleanliness Drive across various wards and public spaces.

This initiative was carried out as part of the Swachhta Hi Sewa campaign.

The dedicated team of the Municipal Council worked tirelessly to ensure that the surroundings of the town remained pristine and hygienic. Their efforts extended to the premises of the revered Jamia Masjid Kishtwar, reaffirming their commitment to maintaining a clean environment for all residents and visitors.

As a testament to their holistic approach towards community welfare, the Municipal Council Kishtwar also organized a Free Medical Camp at the MC Kishtwar office.

This camp aimed to provide essential healthcare services to the hardworking safai mitras (sanitation workers) who play a crucial role in keeping the town clean.

The safai mitras received free medical checkups, consultations, and necessary medicines, ensuring their well-being and acknowledging their pivotal role in the municipality's efforts to maintain cleanliness.

The Municipal Council Kishtwar remains steadfast in its commitment to promoting hygiene, cleanliness, and the health of its residents.

Such initiatives not only contribute to a cleaner and healthier Kishtwar but also exemplify the spirit of community service and social responsibility.

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