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GDC Akhnoor, J&K Academy of Art, Culture and Languages host one day folk festival

JAMMU: Government Degree College, Akhnoor resonated with the vibrant beats and melodies of Jammu and Kashmir's rich folk traditions as it hosted a remarkable Folk Festival organized by the J&K Academy of Art, Culture and Languages (JKAACL). The event, held with the intention to preserve and showcase the vanishing vernacular culture of the Jammu region, witnessed an enthusiastic participation of students and staff members.

The Event was graced by Dr. Romilla Malla Bhat, the College Principal, Bharat Singh Manhas, Secretary, JKAACL, the visionary behind these cultural initiatives, Dr. Shahnawaz, Editor cum Cultural Officer, Anil Tickoo, ACO, as well as the College Cultural Committee headed by Dr. Sandhya.

Bharat Singh extended a warm welcome to the students and staff, he stressed on the importance of Cultural activities in student life. He said that these programmes aim to revive the rich and vanishing vernacular culture of Jammu region. The youth, in multitude, of the region are highly encouraged to participate in these programmes to witness the grandeur of the regional heritage.

The Folk Festival showcased various folk forms, including Geetru, Karkaan, and Dogri Folk songs, each shedding light on the unique traditions of the region. Geetru, presented by Vijay Kumar Ratta& Group, is a captivating dance-song originating from the Dogra-Pahari region of Jammu. It is traditionally performed during festivals, feasts, and weddings by rural folk parties. The performance featured both boys and girls donning traditional costumes, adding to the authenticity of the presentation.

The mesmerizing Dogri Folk dances, such as "Jagarna" performed by the Radhika dance group captivated the audience with their ritualistic and rhythmic steps.

Renowned singers Uttam Singh, Vanshika Jaral and Ravi Raghuvanshi graced the stage with their melodious voices, presenting enchanting Dogri Folk songs. Their performance was impeccably supported by accomplished musicians, including Rakesh Jasotra on the flute, Ashish on the dholak, Sunil Sharma on the synth, and Ripan on the Octapad.

The grand event concluded with a heartfelt vote of thanks presented by the College Principal Dr.Romilla Malla Bhat. She expressed gratitude to the talented artists, dedicated support staff, and officials from JKAACL, with special recognition for Bharat Singh, Secretary of JKAACL, for orchestrating such a culturally enriching event within the walls of their esteemed institution. She underscored the significance of such programs in fostering a deep connection to one's roots and preserving the invaluable cultural heritage of the region.

The college also witnessed dance performances by students which were as eclectic as Classical Saraswati Vandana, Dogri, Pahadi, Haryaanvi, Laavni etc., by Shruti Jasrotia, Khushi, Tamanna, Riya, Taniya Rajput, Poonam, Reetu, Radha, Mitali and more, who were equally supported by Dr. Sukriti Sharma, Dr. Jagmeet Kaur, Aastha Sharma and Sanya from the College. The programme was ably conducted by Bindiya Raina Tikku.

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