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Govt Degree College Vijaypur takes out awareness rally to mark Gandhi Jayanti

SAMBA: In a spirited tribute to Mahatma Gandhi and as part of the Gandhi Jayanti Celebrations, the NSS Unit (KHIDMAT) of Govt. Degree College, Vijaypur on Friday organized a rally to promote the principles of non-violence and peace championed by the Father of the Nation.

Around 50 enthusiastic NSS volunteers of the college actively participated in the rally, making it a vibrant and impactful endeavor. The memorial rally was organized to pay tributes to the enduring legacy of Mahatma Gandhi and also to serve as a powerful reminder of his teachings on non-violence, peace, and unity. It was a harmonious blend of education, community engagement, and homage to the principles that continue to inspire generations.

The standout feature of the event was the interaction between the volunteers and the general public in the bazaar. Volunteers shared insights about the pivotal role played by the "Father of the Nation" in India's struggle for freedom and his unwavering commitment to communal harmony and peace during challenging times in the nation's history.

The event was executed under the auspices of the Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) and enjoyed the wholehearted support of the college's esteemed Principal, Dr. Vandana Gupta.

The rally was meticulously supervised and managed by Prof. Jan Mohd. Wani, the dedicated PTI of the college. The rally wound its way in and around the college campus.

During the procession, the NSS volunteers passionately raised slogans advocating non-violence and peace, echoing the timeless principles espoused by Mahatma Gandhi.

The event was meticulously coordinated by Dr. Naseem Chowdhary, NSS PO and Dr. Shittal Sharma, Convener IQAC, ensuring its smooth execution.



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