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Jammu University Team Attends FDP for Design Your Degree Program at DU

JAMMU: Jammu University has taken a significant step towards advancing education in line with the National Education Policy (NEP) through active participation in a four-day faculty development workshop held at the Cluster Innovation Centre, University of Delhi.

This transformative event saw the convergence of academia's finest minds, igniting discussions on innovative curricula for higher education.

The inauguration of the workshop set the stage for an intellectually stimulating journey. The first session commenced with an address by Prof. Dinesh Singh, Vice Chairman of the Jammu & Kashmir Higher Education Council, who introduced the workshop's objectives and its pivotal role in shaping the future of education in the region.

Prof. Singh's insights were instrumental in framing the discourse around the NEP.

Following this, Prof. Umesh Rai, Vice Chancellor of the University of Jammu, took centre stage to discuss the innovative "Design Your Degree Program." His presentation showcased the university's commitment to aligning its curriculum with the principles of the NEP and providing students with a dynamic and holistic educational experience.

Prof. Bechan Lal, Vice Chancellor of Cluster University, Jammu, added to the narrative by highlighting the implementation of the "Design Your Degree Program" at Cluster University. His remarks underscored the collaborative efforts of higher education institutions in the region to foster innovation and student-centric learning.

The inauguration reached its zenith when Prof. M.M Chaturvede, Founder Director of the Cluster Innovation Centre at the University of Delhi, presented a compelling case study on the center's innovative practices. This case study shed light on how the Cluster Innovation Centre has successfully transformed traditional education by infusing it with innovation, creativity, and technology.

The inaugural session culminated with profound remarks by Prof. Shobana Bagai, Director of the Cluster Innovation Centre, University of Delhi. Prof. Bagai emphasized the essential role of mentorship and advisory in nurturing students' holistic growth and preparing them for the evolving demands of the modern world. Session II of the workshop witnessed lively interactions and discussions.

On day two of the session, the illustrious faculty members of the Cluster Innovation Centre gathered to share their profound insights into pedagogical approaches and highlight their exceptional projects conducted in collaboration with their students. They also showcased a plethora of inspiring projects undertaken in collaboration with their students, illustrating the practical applications of the NEP's principles.

In the second part of the session, participants engaged in dynamic group activities, collaboratively developing project-based learning modules that align with the NEP's vision for higher education.

This workshop exemplified Jammu University's unwavering commitment to educational innovation and its dedication to the successful implementation of the National Education Policy. It provided an invaluable platform for educators and leaders to exchange ideas and insights, fostering a collaborative spirit that will continue to drive progress in higher education.



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