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JU, DLIS organises lecture on 'Understanding Open Educational Resources for Teaching, Learning, and Research'

JAMMU: The Department of Library and Information Science (DLIS) University of Jammu is honored to host Dr. Shri Ram Panday, Head of DLIS at the Central University of Haryana, Mahendargarh, for an engaging lecture on the topic "Understanding Open Educational Resources for Teaching, Learning, and Research.

Dr. Panday's lecture brought together students, faculty, and professionals from the field of library and infor

mation science to delve into the dynamic world of open educational resources (OER). His extensive expertise in the subject matter added significant value to the academic community's understanding of OER and its role in modern education and research.

The lecture covered various aspects of OER, including its importance in today's digital age, its potential for enhancing teaching and learning methods, and its significance in facilitating research across disciplines. Dr. Panday shared real-world examples and case studies to illustrate the practical applications of OER in educational institutions and research environments.

The event was made possible through the collaboration and invitation of Professor Sangita Gupta, Head of DLIS at the University of Jammu, who recognized the importance of Dr. Panday's insights and expertise in the field. Professor Gupta expressed her gratitude to Dr. Panday for sharing his knowledge with the student community on the topic of open access and open education.

The DLIS department extends its heartfelt thanks to Dr. Shri Ram Panday for his enlightening lecture and to Professor Sangita Gupta for her instrumental role in organizing this valuable academic event.

The lecture was attended by Dr P. k Singh, Mr Ashwin, Dr Reenu and faculty members.

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