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DDC Chairman Doda welcomes Mindal Mata Charri Yatra

DODA: The annual Mindal Mata Charri Yatra reached Ganpat Bridge in Doda where the devotees were extended a warm welcome by DD Doda Chairman, Dhananter Singh Kotwal.

This auspicious occasion witnessed devotees from across Jammu Division gathering to partake in the holy pilgrimage. The public of Doda organized a grand Bhandara, a traditional feast, to serve parsad to the devotees.

The Mindal Mata Charri Yatra Committee, acknowledging the remarkable efforts of the Chairman, expressed their gratitude by presenting him Mata Rani ki Chunni, a symbol of divine blessings. This gesture symbolizes the deep respect and appreciation for the Chairman's commitment and dedication towards the development of the district.

Amidst the vibrant atmosphere of religious fervor, the Chairman also flagged off the yatra to Mindal in Himachal Pradesh, further enhancing the spiritual significance of the event. Devotees, guided by their unwavering faith, embarked on this sacred pilgrimage, seeking blessings from the revered deity.

The annual Mindal Mata Charri Yatra serves as a unifying force, bringing together people from diverse backgrounds and regions to celebrate their shared devotion.

The Chairman's presence and support during this revered occasion exemplify his commitment to fostering communal harmony and promoting religious sentiments in the district.

The event not only strengthens the bond between the public and the administration but also reinforces the Chairman's dedication to the holistic development of Doda.

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