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District Doda Hosts Readiness Mela 2.0

School Children mesmerise audience with their splendid Talent

DODA: District Institute of Education Research & Training (DIET) Doda partnered with the Pratham Education Foundation to organize the second installment of the School Readiness Mela in District Doda.

The event witnessed a significant turnout of children who enthusiastically showcased their hidden talents through various activities. The Mela aimed to bring together Grade 1 children and their mothers, providing them with an opportunity to engage in developmental skill activities.

The Mela featured an array of stalls, each dedicated to a specific developmental skill. At the Reception counter, participants registered for the event. The Physical Development stall assessed the children's physical abilities, while the Intellectual/Cognitive Development stall evaluated their thinking skills. Other stalls focused on Language Development, Math Preparation, and Socio-Emotional skills. Moreover, the Kids Corner, a favorite among the children, offered drawing activities to enhance their fine motor skills.

Following the Mela, teachers interacted with mothers, emphasizing the importance of these activities in their child's life and highlighting the crucial role that mothers play in their children's education. This interaction served as a valuable platform for knowledge and insight exchange. To keep parents informed about their child's progress, report cards/progress cards were distributed, ensuring that parents were aware of their child's development and learning outcomes.

The School Readiness Mela proved to be a fulfilling experience for mothers, children, and teachers alike, as they gained valuable insights into various developmental skills. By providing a platform for children to display their talents and engage in enriching activities, the event fostered a positive and nurturing environment for early childhood development in District Doda.



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