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District-wide cultural show unveils remarkable talent of school students in Doda

DODA: In a remarkable display of talent understanding of Culture, students from various educational institutions of ten zones of Doda District participated in a cultural activity aimed at providing them a platform to showcase their hidden talent.

The event, attended by distinguished guests, including heads of different institutions, PRI members, and DIET faculty members, was a resounding success. Notably, retired educationists and senior citizens from different parts of the district also took part, adding to the vibrant atmosphere.

The occasion witnessed the participation of 290 teachers and 313 community members, all of whom eagerly encouraged the students. The event served as a perfect opportunity for these young performers to shine, with Sakshi from HS Gagla Zone Bhagwah emerging as one of the winners in their respective activities. The enthusiasm and dedication displayed by the students left a lasting impression on the audience.

By organizing such cultural activities district-wide, the educational authorities aimed to provide a stepping stone for the talented students to reach higher platforms and gain recognition beyond the district level.

The event not only highlighted the rich cultural heritage of the region but also fostered an environment of inclusivity and appreciation for the arts. It served as a reminder of the immense talent present among the youth, deserving wider recognition and support.

The district-wide cultural extravaganza brought together students, educators, community members, and esteemed guests, creating a vibrant and memorable experience for all involved.

The successful event undoubtedly marked a significant milestone in promoting the hidden talents of students from diverse backgrounds, ensuring their rightful place on higher platforms in the future.



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