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'Yodhini' hosts interactive workshop on menstrual health & hygiene at DPS Udhampur

UDHAMPUR: Yodhini, an organization dedicated to bridging the gender gap, successfully conducted an engaging workshop on menstrual health and hygiene for the students of Delhi Public School (DPS) Udhampur. 

The workshop aimed to break the ice and challenge the stigma surrounding menstruation, while empowering girls to embrace their role as Yodhinis (female warriors) and urging boys to sensitize themselves to this aspect of inequality.

The event, held at DPS Udhampur, witnessed enthusiastic participation from students, faculty, and esteemed guests. Dr. Nazuk Razdaan, Assistant Professor at the Department of Community Medicine, Government Medical College Udhampur, delivered an insightful guest lecture on the biological and social aspects of menstruation, shedding light on the significance of understanding and supporting menstrual health.

The workshop emphasized an interactive and casual approach to encourage open conversations and create a safe space for students to discuss menstrual health and hygiene.

The Yodhini team, consisting of Anahita Anand (founder), Navaj Anand, Ayaan Malhotra, and Aanya Anand, shared relatable anecdotes, facilitating a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by menstruators and the importance of breaking the stigma surrounding periods.

To further support menstrual hygiene, FICCI FLO JKL supported this drive and provided the team with 500 sanitary napkins to distribute as a gesture of empowerment to the students.

"We believe that every girl has the potential to be a Yodhini, a strong warrior, and it is crucial for boys to sensitize themselves to the inequalities faced by menstruators," said Anahita Anand, founder of Yodhini. "Through this workshop, we aimed to foster a supportive environment, debunk myths, and encourage responsible citizenship in breaking the menstrual stigma."

Yodhini extends its heartfelt gratitude to DPS Udhampur, especially Dr. Kunal Anand, the principal, for his visionary leadership and for providing us with the opportunity to conduct the workshop.

Yodhini also expresses sincere appreciation to Dr. Nazuk Razdaan for sharing her expertise and enlightening the participants with her valuable insights.

The organization looks forward to future initiatives in empowering young individuals and driving positive change in society.


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