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Jodhamal School shines in Skating Championship

JAMMU: Jodhamal Public School (JPS) has emerged as an overall champion in J&K-UT Open Roller Skating Championship held at M. A. Stadium, Jammu.

The tournament was organised by Jammu and Kashmir Roller Skating Association (JKRSA) in which around 250 players from almost all the districts of J&K-UT participated in different age categories.

Jodhamal Public School students won the maximum number of medals in the championship.

In speed skating category Aahana Gupta won 3 gold medals, Sanvi Mehta won 2, Ainsorgahardar won 3, Hafsa Tariq won 1 gold medal, Aidaan Hafeez won 2, Giaansh Sharma won 2, Mysha Kaur won 1 gold and 1 silver medal, Nalinaksh Verma won 1 gold and Sherlyz Manha Bhat won 2 gold medals.

While, Pearl Suri won 1 silver and a bronze, Hazel Suri won 1 silver, Amandini Sharma won 3 silver, Chitraksh Vaid won 2 Silver medals, Jasreen Kaur won 1 silver and a bronze, Aasim Abbas Khan won 2 silver, Aayra Vashishth won 1 silver, Kyra won 2 silver medals, Manyavar won 3 silver medals, Pavit won 1 silver and 2 bronze medals, Shravan Sharma won 1 silver, Aashrita Sarangal won 1 silver, Aayansh Gupta won 1 silver, Ransh Gupta won 1 silver, Viraansh Gupta won 3 silver and Kayra Luthra won 3 silver medals for school.

Viraj Chib won 3 bronze medals, Khidash Gohar won 2, Aadhya Pandita won 1 and Krishav Mahajan won 1 bronze medal.

In Roller Skating Category Aahaan Mahajan and Yashit Mahajan won one silver medal each. In Roller Hockey category Hazel Suri, Daanial Butt, Aamya Vashishtha, Priya Mahajan, Shawini Mahajan, Aayra Vashishtha, Sakhsham Sharma, Serish Abrol, Aarohi, Czia and Aysel won gold medals.



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