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JU celebrates World Environment Day

JAMMU: The NSS Volunteers of Campus Unit-IV in collaboration with the Office of the Coordinator NSS, University of Jammu along with more than 100 participants from various departments of Jammu and primarily from Department of Physical Education constituting Unit IV organized the Green Program of Celebrating World Environment Day.

The commemoration of World Environment Day-2023 was conducted under the mentorship of Prof. Umesh Rai, Vice- Chancellor and Chairman NSS, University of Jammu. Dr. Hema Gandotra, Program Coordinator NSS, University of Jammu was the guiding hand in the organization of this program.

The volunteers gathered before the Teaching Department of Physical Education of University of Jammu under the supervision of Dr. Mandeep Singh PO of UNIT IV of University of Jammu and Proceed for the sequence of programs which involved Pledge Taking, Plantation and Cleaning of Gardens adjoining Building.

Volunteers also took the initiative of decorating the Parks in a natural way without the use of Plastic. NSS volunteers were guided by the Dr. Hema Gandotra, Program Coordinator NSS, University of Jammu on the effective execution of the program and motivated the volunteers for ‘How to look for alternatives of Plastic and say wide NO TO PLASTIC'.

NSS Unit-Iv has come up with an annual calendar which involves many activities and celebrations for the purpose of matching NSS objectives and to serve the society best.

NSS volunteers also shared their views on the Green Earth Concept and attempted opportunities to deliver various means to contribute best to the process of making the environment clean and green.

Special Decoration of plants and trees and adjoining areas were performed by Priya Chib, Ranju Rani, Rajat Sharma, Abhishek Sharma, Mannat Sharma and Neha Rani from Physical Education department, University of Jammu.

Dr. Hema Gandotra interacted with the students and motivated them for coming out to help the society and motivated NSS volunteers for supporting society and reaching to village level. Further Professor Dr. Hema Gandotra as program Coordinator NSS, University of Jammu assured complete support of any kind to NSS Volunteers and Congratulated for the efforts and organizing of this event in a successful manner

Dr. Mandeep Singh PO of UNIT IV of University of Jammu applauded the volunteers for the sincere work being done for the society.

She mentioned the importance of such programs and encouraged the volunteers for working with an honest approach and clear thinking. Dr. Mandeep Singh also discussed with the students about the importance of NSS and its real value for the society.

Program Officers of Various other units of the University conveyed their best wishes to the students and congratulated them for the successful participation and organization of the program. Prominent NSS Unit-IV Volunteers among others who worked for the success of Celebration of World Environment Day-2023 were Mannat Sharma, Priya Chib, Ranju Rani, Ketan Kumar, Rishi, Rajat Sharma, Neha Rani, Sakal Sharma, Rishi Sharma, Toiba Fatima and Manvi Sharma from Department of Law, Physical Education, English and History.

The program was Coordinated by Dr. Mandeep Singh NSS Programme Officer, Campus Unit-II, University of Jammu.

Program concluded with the vote of Thanks by Dr. Mandeep Singh PO of UNIT IV of University of Jammu to all the volunteers and Program Officers of other Units.

Special gratitude in terms of thanks giving was presented to Dr. Hema Gandotra, Program Coordinator NSS, University of Jammu for special support and assistance for the successful conduct of the program.

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