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DIET Doda organises series of events under NIPUN Bharat Mission

DODA: The District Institute of Education and Trainings (DIET) Doda embarked on a series of events as part of the Janbhagidari initiative, focusing on the "NIPUN Bharat Mission."

With the upcoming G-20 event scheduled to be held in Pune, Maharashtra from June 19th to June 22nd, 2023, India aims to exhibit its educational talents and achievements on this prestigious occasion.

In line with this objective, the education department has recently imparted training to the teachers under the National Education Policy (NEP), NIPUN Bharat and Foundational Literacy and Numeracy (FLN) programs.

The training aimed to enhance the teaching and learning process, particularly at the foundational stage, by fostering creativity, innovation, and friendliness among students.

By incorporating these pedagogical approaches, the goal is to develop engineering-skilled minds. The DIET Doda, under the guidance of Principal Sandhra Malhotra and Chief Education Officer, organized a pledge ceremony across various institutions in the district, affirming their commitment to implement the NIPUN Bharat Mission. The event received widespread support and cooperation from students, teachers, and parents, who actively participated in activities centered around yoga and sports.

To ensure the success of the Janbhagidari/NIPUN BHARAT initiative and make it even more enriching, Principal Sandhra Malhotra encouraged maximum participation from different stakeholders.

Kismat Singh, the District Nodal Officer for Janbhagidari, along with Chander Parkash, the Assistant Nodal Officer, collaborated with Pankaj Sharma, the District Coordinator of Pratham, and sought assistance from Zonal Nodal officers and their teams. Their collective efforts have been commendable in organizing a prestigious and eloquent program.

The government's initiatives for the betterment of children have garnered appreciation from the public and parents alike.



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