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Ten day Yoga workshop concludes at JU

JAMMU: The ten day yoga worshop on the theme "Yoga and Inner peace"worshop organised by Gandhian Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies University of Jammu concluded today at University of Jammu.

The ten day workshop was organised in collaboration with Directorate of Sports and physical Education University of Jammu. The main motive of the workshop was that the students should experience Yoga and promote it as a means for positive health, prevention of stress and self realisation.Seventy students participated in the workshop.

Sanjeev Kumar and Sandeep Sharma were the resource persons for the workshop who trained the students in basic yoga techniques.

The yoga participants were made to practice various asanas like Suksham Vyam, Vajrasan, Ustrasan, Bhujangasan, Tadasana, Makarasan, Shavasan and Suryanamaskar.

Besides this, in pranayam they practiced Anulom Vilom, Bhastrika, Bhramri and Kapalbhati along with certain meditation techniques.

Prof Arvind Jasrotia, Registrar University of Jammu was the chief guest in the valedictory session. He in his valedictory address highlighted the importance of such workshops in adding value to the life of the students.

While reciting the shalokas from Bhagwad Geeta, he also threw light on the significance of Yoga not only leading to perfect harmonisation between body and mind, but also highlighted Yoga as a means of self realisation and enlightenment.

Prof. Jasrotia also congratulated the students for having begun their journey towards ‘self' by having got trained in certain basic techniques of yoga.

Dr Daud Iqbal Baba Director Directorate of Sports and Physical Education in his remarks talked about the role of yoga being instrumental in development of harmonious life.

Dr. Seema Rohmetra, Director, Gandhian Centre presented the welcome address wherein she elaborated the need of practicing principles and practices of Yoga for physical and mental health in the present context of consumerism and materialism where man is in a mad race after material needs at the cost of health.

Dr. Mandeep Singh conducted the proceedings of the session and presented the formal vote of thanks. Yoga demonstration and experience sharing was done by the student participants in the valedictory session wherein they expressed gratitude and satisfaction after having learnt the basic yoga techniques and also resolved to continue the practice of yoga in their daily lives.

Among others, Dr. Monica Narang, Dr. sapna Sangra, Dr Mandeep Singh, Gagan Kumar, Ravish Vaid, Raj Kumar, Gagan Singh, were also present.


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