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Woman Demands 'Refund' From Wedding Photographer After Divorce, Chat Goes Viral On Twitter

It is common for the bride and groom to hire wedding photographers to capture the special moments of their big day. However, they cannot guarantee you a happy married life nor help you with tips and tricks to have a smooth marriage. Well, one woman texted her photographer after she got a divorce. She asked him to refund her money.

The bizarre incident came to light after the photographer took to Twitter. He posted screenshots of his conversation with the woman. At first, he thought it was a silly prank. However, he then realized that she was serious. The woman wrote, "I don't know if you still remember me. You did a photo shoot for me at my wedding in Durban in 2019."

She added, "Well, I'm now divorced, and those pictures - I and my ex-husband don't need them anymore. You did a wonderful job on them, but they went to waste as we are now divorced. I will need a refund of the amount we paid you because we don't need them anymore."

She even told him that she felt she was "entitled to a refund" as her marriage did not go as expected. The woman even threatened to take legal action against the photographer when he refused to refund her.

Soon after the weird exchange, the photographer took to social media to speak of the event. The screenshots of the conversation went viral as it sounded unbelievable to most netizens. Later, the photographer updated Twitter users. He stated that the ex-husband of the woman reached out to him and apologized for her behaviour.

The former husband even called the incident "embarrassing". The tweet has already garnered over 3.8 lakh views. Many commented on the post. One stated, "I love how professional you were with your answers. But it was a prank, right? Cause wow! This is so wild. I have a friend that got divorced even before her wedding pics came, and she didn't even ask for a refund, cause that is just not how it works!" Another claimed, "Waiting for the part where she says it's a prank."


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