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Jio sets new record for mobile data consumption in India with users consuming 10 exabytes in a month

Reliance says users on the network consume an average of 23.1 GB of mobile data per month.

MUMBAI: Reliance Jio recently announced that its user base has consumed over 10 exabytes, which translates to 100 billion GB of data in a month. In 2016, the total data consumption by users on all networks amounted to 4.6 exabytes (46 billion GB) in the whole year.

However, things seem to be changing rapidly with only Jio users consuming more than 30.3 exabytes in the first three months of the year. A recent report shared by Jio, which was released alongside its quarterly results suggests that the average user on the network consumes approximately 23.1 GB of data every month, which is 10GB more compared to the average just two years ago.

According to figures shared by Jio, the company has added more than 3,50,000 5G cells that span 60,000 sites all over India. Jio said its True 5G is now available in more than 2,300 towns and cities with plans to cover the entire nation by end of 2023. Talking to voice minutes, the average user on Jio seems to be calling for 1,003 minutes every month.

The rapid increase in mobile network usage also seems to have resulted in an increase in Jio's average revenue per user, which stands at Rs 178.8 per month. The company also announced its plans to roll out ‘Airfiber' which aims to bring fiber and Airfiber to more than 100 million homes.



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