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Provably Fair Bet Algorhythms Win Players’ Trust

The decentralized way of thinking associated with Web3, blockchain and crypto has found its way into mainstream online casino gaming through cash and crash games. Their provably fair algorithms for random number generation align with Gen Z expectations, winning player trust and bringing massive growth in user base and generated turnovers.

Cash and crash games, or simply crash games, are based on a straightforward design resembling stock market graphics and an ever growing bet multiplier that can crash any moment.

Players can cash out their bets at any time multiplied by whatever value the game multiplier has reached at the point of cashing out, or they can wait for the multiplier to grow further risking a crash. When the crash event occurs, all uncollected bets are lost.

Provably fair technology allows players to go back and validate the fairness of all previous or current game round results. This is because random number generation is based on a server seed generated by the operator and a client seed generated by the player, which are combined into a hashed SHA-512 seed before the start of each round of gaming.

Crash Games Find Good Soil in Online Casinos

The provable fairness, the typically low house edges (often as low as 3 to 5 percent), and the empowering effect of risky decision making, are among the main factors that contributed to the massive spread of crash games out of crypto gambling websites into regular online casinos, and the abrupt growth in player traction they enjoyed there.

One of the newly emerging game studios that produces cash and crash titles - Spribe, saw a 194 percent spike in unique users within just one month between July and August last year.

After the wave of crash games swept the world of commercial i-gaming in late summer 2022, the research team examined anonymous Business Intelligence data on active players and turnovers provided by the Indian online casino platform

The analyzed data covers the first 10 months of last year and the researchers have compared statistics for the whole period with data on the last three months of August to October in order to measure the overall effect of the impact of crash games.

It turned out that games by Spribe combined increased their share of the total operator turnover by 44.2 percent, from 0.61 percent for the full ten months to 0.87 percent in the last trimester of the analyzed period.

At the same time, Spribe's active user share rose even more steeply by 66.68 percent, from 4.52 percent to 7.53 percent respectively.

Evolution's Live Dealer Crossover Cash or Crash was the Harbinger of Change

Almost a year before the crash titles by Spribe abruptly surged in popularity and turnovers, a game by Evolution advertised as a novel live dealer concept rocked the charts shortly after its release in September 2021 and acted as the harbinger of the change that was about to come.

This game is called Cash or Crash and is something like a crossover between a live casino game show and a crash-type of bet multiplier algorithm.

Cash or Crash quickly reached second position in turnover generation and third position in player count in the category of "Other"casino games, and still remains among the leaders in the segment, outperformed only by Spribe's smashing hit title Aviator.

Other popular crash games include Plinko and Mines, again by Spribe, Spaceman by Pragmatic Play, and JetX and FootbalX by SmartSoft.



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