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Mrs world 2022 Sargam Koushal not averse to joining Bollywood

JAMMU: Jammu-born Sargam Koushal, who won the Mrs World crown to India in December last year, says she would not mind joining Bollywood but for now she wants to focus on educating youth against the drug menace.

The Mumbai-based model, 32, became the first Indian to win the crown after Aditi Govitrikar in 2001.

"I will feel good if an opportunity comes my way from Bollywood, known for its popularity and fame. I do not have any problem with that but right now there are more important things to do," Koushal told reporters here.

"We are planning a campaign in May or June for the youth to motivate them to stay away from drugs," she added.

On the first visit to her birthplace after winning the beauty pageant in Las Vegas on December 17 last year, Koushal said she is totally focused on the awareness campaign to empower women and young girls.

"From Mrs India to Mrs world, I do not see any change in between but surely the responsibility has gone up manifold," she said.

Koushal thanked her parents for their support and said she would like other parents, husbands and others to support women in achieving their dreams.

"I am modelling and will continue to do so. I started modelling even though I like teaching the most. Modelling was my passion and my parents were also fascinated with it and encouraged me to move forward," she said.

She said the turning point in her life came when her husband, who is an Indian Navy officer, was transferred to Mumbai.

"There, I found youngsters engaged in activities which we cannot even think of. From a young age, they get associated with the film industry, modelling industry, become stylists when they are still in college and it motivated me a lot." The actor said Jammu and Kashmir is an important part of the country and the local youth are talented and educated but they lack exposure and opportunity.

She also urged married women not to forget themselves while taking care of their families.

"It is unfortunate that the woman after getting married forgets herself and is overburdened with family responsibilities. They need to voice out their opinions and follow their dreams," she said.


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