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Republic Day 2023: Commercial Pilot, YouTuber Gaurav Taneja made history by drawing the largest map of India as part of mission 'Aasman Mein Bharat'

Pilot, popular Youtuber, and fitness expert Gaurav Taneja drew a large Indian map in the air on the occasion of the Republic Day under his mission called 'Aasman Mein Bharat'.

Gaurav Taneja has a 12 years and 6000 hours of flying experience and he accomplished this mission in a span of 3 hours by flying 350 kilometres in the sky to create a 350 km long India's map.

He shared a post of this achievement on Twitter along with a picture of India's ma showing his route details and captioned it as: "We created History, the largest map of Bharat. Flew for almost 3 hrs and made a 350 km long map. Aapke support aur Bharat Mata ke aashirvaad ke bina possible nahi tha. #AasmanMeinBharat #HappyRepublicDay @captriturathee (His wife- Captain Ritu Rathee)

The Youtuber and his wife Ritu publicly shared the news with the netizens a few days back saying, "The 75th year of independence for India marks the beginning of a new era. The Aasman Mein Bharat mission aims to carry the nationalist-pride in the Indian people. This is our way of contributing towards the progressing nation's journey and also as a part of Government of India's efforts to unify the nation behind the tri-colored tiranga."

'Aasman Mein Bharat' mission is Gaurav's initiative to manifest his journey as a pilot and his love and passion for flying. This mission is also a tribute to the nation and an attempt to take India to its peak level.



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