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Nepal plane crash: Chilling video by Indian passenger moments before death

Minutes before the ill-fated Yeti Airlines plane crashed in Nepal's Pokhara, four of its passengers, all from Ghazipur in Uttar Pradesh, went live on Facebook to chronicle their flight experience.

“Mauj Kar Di” (it's a lot of fun), exclaims one of them as the 1.30-minute footage shows the Pokhara town below. Sonu Jaiswal (29) is also featured on the phone camera.

However, after 58 seconds, the footage shows the aircraft making a fast left turn before crashing and bursting into flames. For the following 30 seconds, the phone camera captured glimpses of soaring flames around it.

The video was confirmed to be by Sonu, as per his brother Rajat Jaiswal, who said that Sonu was live on the social media site from the moment he boarded. Sonu Jaiswal made the video private, only for his friends as he was broadcasting live on Facebook.

These four travellers from Ghazipur's Baresar were among five Indians killed in the tragedy, along with 68 other passengers. Sonu Jaiswal (29), Anil Rajbhar (28), Vishal Sharma (23), and Abhishek Singh Kushwaha (23) arrived in Kathmandu on January 13 and were travelling to Pokhara for paragliding after performing puja at the Pashupatinath temple.



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