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3,000 pro-Bolsonaro protesters break into Brazil's presidential palace, Congress, Supreme Court

At least 3000 supporters of former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro on Sunday stormed into the country's Congress, presidential palace and Supreme Court.

President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, who defeated Bolsonaro in a close contest last year, instructed the federal security intervention in Brasilia lasting until January 31 after capital security forces were outnumbered by the invaders.

Tear gas was used to displace supporters who were later detained by police at the site. Thousands of protesters cald in yellow-and-green were seen running riot in the capital. The violence in Brasilia could amplify the legal risks that Bolsonaro already faces. It also presents a headache for US authorities as they debate how to handle his stay in Florida.

Lula, in a press conference, launched a blistering attack on Bolsonaro and complained about a lack of security in the capital.

"These vandals, who we could call fanatical Nazis, fanatical Stalinists ... fanatical fascists, did what has never been done in the history of this country," said Lula, who was on an official trip to Sao Paulo state. "All these people who did this will be found and they will be punished," Lula was quoted as saying by the news agency Reuters.

Meanwhile, the Brazilian police said that they have arrested 300 people protesting, further adding, the investigation would continue until the last member is identified.

Later, the protestors were seen coming out of the Congress in a queue after being arrested.



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