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De9to organizes talk show on dental health

JAMMU: De9to, an online platform of dental education organized a live talk show on dental health.

During the talk show, Dr Gautam Sharma, Periodontist of the University of Jammu and former president of the Indian Dental Association (IDA) Jammu, spoke on the topic ‘How dental diseases impact general health?'.

Dr Sharma in his presentation said that oral health and the general health are interlinked to each other. He informed the audiences that the pathogenic and virulent bacteria which cause dental infections can transport and spread via blood to cause infections in the vital organs of the body through the process of inflammation.

"A common reason for occurrence of gum disease is infection due to bacteria which, if left untreated, may progress to periodontitis causing destruction of the supporting structures of a tooth. The human body responds to these bacteria by activating an immune response leading to inflammation which is a protective response against the harmful stimulus. But when this inflammation is excessive then it may cause damage to the normal body tissues," he added.

During the interaction, Dr Gautam stressed that periodontitis which is a disease of supporting tissues of teeth may act as a risk factor in heart problems, complications during pregnancy, dysregulated control of diabetes, Covid-19 complications, lung and kidney problems. He advised the audiences that brushing twice daily with a soft bristle toothbrush is a basic requirement to keep good dental health.

De9to which organized this live online interaction is a one-stop solution for dentists to upscale their clinic and patient base. The company has revolutionized oral healthcare by enabling consumers to find the best dentists, book instant appointments, consultations, and make better, more informed health decisions.



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