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Kejriwal had promised to transform Delhi into Paris: Dr Jitendra

NEW DELHI: Union Minister Dr Jitendra Singh said here today that Arvind Kejriwal had, before taking over as Chief Minister, promised to transform Delhi into Paris and make the holy river of Jamuna so clean that he would himself take bath in it. But, over the years, on the contrary, instead of turning into Paris, Delhi did not remain even Delhi and turned into worse while river Jamuna became dirtier to the extent that during recent Chhat Pooja the devotees found it difficult to take a holy dip in it, he added.

Addressing a series of public meetings during the MCD election campaign here, Dr Jitendra Singh described the Delhi Chief Minister as one of the biggest liars of Indian politics who forgets the lies that he told the previous day and conveniently believes that the people would also forget. But, the Minister said, we, the Karykartas of BJP, will keep reminding the people of the serial lies told by him so that people do not forget and hand out the befitting punishment to the Aam Aadmi Party(AAP).

Dr Jitendra Singh said, Kejriwal's claims to turn Delhi into Paris was a pipedream as River Yamuna has become more polluted than when he took charge in 2015. Those who visited Paris or know about it will vouch for the pristine purity of Jamuna.

Dr Jitendra Singh said, Kejriwal made Delhi the most polluted city of the world in 2022 and virtually made the Capital city as a Gas Chamber in early November due to Parali burning in Punjab, another AAP ruled State.

Dr Jitendra Singh alleged that there is a huge gap between the party's claims and actual work in Delhi as out of 70 promises made by AAP in Delhi in 2015, the party fulfilled only half a dozen fully and some partially till 2020 elections. The Minister said, Kejriwal Model is nothing but a bunch of big lies and propaganda propped up by huge misuse of public funds for personal advertisement and self-glory.

Dr Jitendra Singh said, if one objectively analyses the AAP's manifesto of 2015, it will reveal that Kejriwal's government has not been able to implement 75% of its manifesto promises, be it regulating Private School Fee, clean drinking water as a right, or affordable health care system or the efficient public transport system, on all counts the AAP government proved a big Zero, the Minister charged.



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