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First Indian female pilot gets place in US-based Aviation Museum for record-breaking flight over North Pole

Captain Zoya Agarwal, a senior Air India pilot of aircraft Boeing-777, who is the first Indian woman pilot to fly an aircraft above the North pole, covering a record-breaking distance of around 16,000 Kilometres, made her place in SFO aviation museum on Friday.

In 2021 for the first time, an all-women pilot team of Air India led by Zoya Agarwal covered the world's longest air route from San Franciso (SFO) in the United States of America to Bengaluru city in India, covering the North Pole.

The US-based aviation museum was impressed by the achievement of all Air India's women pilots and thus they offered a place in their museum.

Recently, the SFO Museum commemorated the Indian pilot Zoya Agarwal's extraordinary career in aviation and her advocacy for promoting women's empowerment across the world, inspiring millions of girls and youth to meet their dreams.


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