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Rigzin sets new record in scaling Mt Lhotse, Annapurna

LEH: Skalzang Rigzin became the first mountaineer from Ladakh who has successfully scaled Mountain Annapurna (8,091m) and Lhotse peak (8,516m) without using an oxygen cylinder.

A 41 year old climber from Ladakh scaled the world's fourth highest peak (Lhotse 8,516m) on May 14 and tenth highest peak (Mountain Annapurna 8,091m) on April 28, that too within 16 days.

Rigzin who is also the president of Ladakh Mountain Guide Association (LMGA) has 23 year experience in mountaineering guides scaling different peaks. The members of the LMGA and his relative gave a rousing reception on his arrival at KBR Airport Leh this morning.

Lieutenant Governor, RK Mathur in his tweet message said that "youth of Ladakh are leaving a mark in all spheres and making us Proud."

Interacting with the media, Rigzin said that he had good experience at Mountain Annapurna where everything like fixing robes and other things were done by themselves gaining new experience and added that he is passionate about scaling many more such peaks in future.

He also shared that two of his foreigner friends faced frostbite while scaling the peaks with him. He said that his achievement will serve as inspiration to many young mountaineers in future.



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