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School of Biotechnology, JU celebrates World Environment Day

JAMMU: School of Biotechnology, University of Jammu celebrated the World Environment Day (WED 2022) and organized an invited talk by Dr. Asha Chaubey, Sr. Principal Scientist, and Head, Division of Fermentation Technology, Indian Institute of Integrative Medicine IIIM- CSIR, Jammu, on 7th June 2022.

Dr. Asha Chaubey delivered the lecture on "Green Processes for Pharmaceutical Application". Professor B.K. Bajaj, Director, School of Biotechnology introduced and welcomed the Invited speaker.

Dr. Chaubey emphasized on the dire need for developing green and sustainable technologies for production and manufacturing sectors in view of the rapidly declining environmental quality, and consequential climate change due to enormous economic developments, industrialization, urbanization, and population explosion. She said the planet earth will remain inhabitable only when it is well taken care of by each one of us.

Dr. Chaubey elaborated on her research specifically on the application of microbial and enzyme technology for production of biopharmaceuticals in an eco-friendly and safe way.

Furthermore, the application of green solvents, nanotechnology approaches, enzyme and cell immobilization strategies was emphasized for production of antibiotics, enzymes, secondary metabolites, and other bioactive products.

Also she stressed upon the vital role of microbes for bioremediation, bio-deterioration, industrial effluent treatment, and sewage treatment for preservation of environment.

The faculty members such as Dr. Madhulika Bhagat, Dr Ritu Mahajan, Dr Nisha Kapoor, and others, students, and scholars of the School attended the talk and interacted with the speaker on various aspects of environment and her own research. Dr. Chaubey concluded her talk with a following slogan "We should shift from harming the earth to healing the earth".

Dr. Sheetal Ambardar, Assistant Professor (Microbiology) formally thanked the invited speaker Dr. Asha Chaubey for a highly informative, thought-provoking and motivating talk.

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