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Court restrains from showing scenes depicting acts pertaining to martyr Squadron Leader

“The Kashmir Files” film

JAMMU: In a suit filed by Nirmal Kumari alias Shalini Khanna, wife of martyr Squadron Leader Ravi Khanna, Additional District Judge Jammu Deepak Sethi has restrained from showing scenes depicting the acts pertaining to the martyr in "The Kashmir Files" motive set to be released on March 11, 2022.

In the suit, prayer has been made for directing the defendants to immediately remove and delete the scene and incorrect facts displayed /shown vis-à-vis the husband of the plaintiff namely martyr Squadron Leader Ravi Khanna in the movie and the trailer, which is absolutely and entirely unrelated and non-identical to actual facts occurred.

After hearing Advocate Himanshu Beotra for the plantiff, the court restrained Director Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri and Abhishek Aggarwal Arts through its Producer Abhishek Agarwal of "The Kashmir Files" by way of temporary injunction from showing the scenes depicting the acts pertaining to the husband of the plaintiff namely Martyr Squadron Leader Ravi Khanna in the movie.

During the course of hearing, Advocate Himanshu Beotra for the plantiff submitted that in the year 1990 especially during its commencement Srinagar was going through a humongous turmoil and strained atmosphere with the clouds of communal tension hovering all over its dimensions in the backdrop of different vital developments-migration of the Kashmiri Pandits followed by brutal massacre, release of 5 dreaded terrorists in exchange of Rubeya Sayeed, daughter of former Home Minister Mufti Mohammad Sayeed and most importantly the separatist call to announce the independence of Kashmir on 25/01/1990 by capturing the Radio Station of the Kashmir.

At that time the plaintiff along with her husband and children were stationed and living at Rawal Pura Housing Colony without any security. On the fateful day of 25/01/1990 while the husband of the plaintiff left for his office as usual despite the announcement of curfew by the Government in the wake of separatist call and stood waiting for his official bus at a nearby point with his one fellow office Flight Lieutenant B.R Sharma, one Yaseen Malik came on his motorcycle and asked for directions towards the Nautipora from the husband of the plaintiff after which he shot a bullet in his abdomen from a very close range.

However, the brave husband of the plaintiff despite the bullet injury went into scuffle with the terrorist in order to overpower him and emptied his gun in the air during that scuffle but unfortunately rest of the terrorist on another vehicle further shot him with the entire magazine of AK-47 towards the husband of the plaintiff leading to his killing at the age of 38 years.

It has further been submitted that the husband of the plaintiff has been shown to be distributing the toffees to the children in the movie while he was shot dead by the terrorist in a throwaway manner, which is in complete contradiction to the actual course of event occurred on the fateful morning of 25/01/1990.

"The scene depicted in the movie vis-a-vis the husband of the plaintiff has been shown in the manner which not only underrates the essence of the courage possessed by the husband of the plaintiff despite the looming threat by the separatists but also tends to lower the intestinal fortitude and commitment of the soldiers who vow to put their life at stake despite all odds, for their motherland", counsel for the plantiff said, adding "the projection of the scene and the facts relating to the brave husband of the plaintiff in their documentary movie by the defendants has served a fatal shock to the plaintiff whereby the defendants , by paralyzing the real course of events , have drafted the scene as per their infatuation without asking the same from the plaintiff or eye witness Flight Lieutenant B.R Sharma or from the contents of the case pending disposal at TADA Court Jammu".



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