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WhatsApp working on letting users hide last seen status from specific people

WASHINGTON: Popular messaging application WhatsApp is constantly working to add new features to its platform. One such feature, which is currently in the works, will let users hide their last seen status from specific people.

As per GSM Arena, the beta version of WhatsApp for Android now has an option to hide your "last seen" status from specific people.

The feature has been in active development for a few months at this point, and now it's finally live for a subset of those part of the beta program.

This means it will soon hopefully make it to all the people using the beta, and then eventually to the version of WhatsApp everyone's using, but there's a caveat here, in that "soon" could mean "in a few months" if we're judging by some of WhatsApp's past rollouts of new features.

It's really among the most cautious companies when it comes to adding stuff to its stable app, that's for sure.

At some point in the future, anyone using WhatsApp will be able to set their last seen status to be viewed by everyone, their contacts, their contacts except a blacklist of specific people, and nobody. The other options were there already, what's new is the "My contacts except..." one.

When you select that, you can pick and choose who to disable last seen access for. As usual in WhatsApp-land, if you disable last seen for someone, you won't be able to see their last seen either.

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