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Olympic silver medalist Ravi Dahiya visits Jammu, thanks his mentor

JAMMU: Olympics silver medalist, Ravi Dahiya on Monday visited Jammu to thank his mentor Vickrant Mahajan, who motivated him for the Olympics medal.

Dahiya is the only second wrestler in India, after a 121-year Olympic history to win an Olympic silver medal, and the first one to do so at his maiden Olympics. Besides, at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, he became the first Indian male medalist in the Olympics after 9 years.

"Very few people know that to accomplish this unparalleled feat for the nation, I have been mentored by Jammu-based motivator Vickrant Mahajan", he said.

"My association with Vickrant goes back two and a half years. He had started a campaign called Goalete Program to motivate India's athletes for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics", he further added.

"Initially my goal was to just qualify for the Olympics. But he inspired me to set the goal of the Olympics and commit wholeheartedly to its pursuit", the wrestler said.

Speaking on the occasion, Dahiya said, "I was nowhere till two and a half years ago. After I met him, I used to call him almost every day for motivation. Even the day of my Olympic final, I spoke to him and he is the first person that I called after winning the silver medal".

"I genuinely feel that the person who played the most pivotal role in getting me on that Olympic podium is Vickrant", he explained.

"Together, we have worked out a goal vision for the next 10 years and this is just the beginning. Ravi will bring a multitude of honours to India from the highest competitions in the world and inspire the world with his excellence in sport and as a human being", Mahajan said.


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