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Udhampur Campus, JU in Collaboration with Institute of Positivity Organises 2nd International Conference

JAMMU: The Institute of Positivity organised 2nd International Conference in collaboration with Udhampur Campus, University of Jammu on Positivity, steppingstone toward positivity & growth, on 9th August, 2021.

Prof. Manoj Kumar Dhar, Vice-Chancellor, University of Jammu, Guest of Honour on the occasion complimented Restor, Udhampur Campus for organizing the first International Conference in the offsite Campus. He said that being positive means having a positive outlook toward life.

He motivated the participants that positive and negative thoughts come in our day-to-day life, but we need to find new ways of tackling our proble.

He said that we should stop blaming our self for failures and must have control on our emotions.

The first and foremost thing is happiness, it is the state of mind that makes us feel stable. With positive mind setup, people will be more energetic, healthy and happy. He focused that providing quality education is our primary duty.

Education leads to confidence, confidence leads to success, success leads to peace, peace leads to positivity, positivity leads to happiness, happiness leads to health. Positivity is not only bringing a smile on the face and making other people happy, but making a change in the attitude and the outlook of the person. He welcomed all the dignitaries and the participants on behalf of the University of Jammu to this online platform of sharing knowledge.

Earlier, Dr. Dnyaneshwar Mulay (IFS), Founder & Patron, Institute of Positivity, former Secretary, Foreign Affair,Govt. of India addressed the conference theme i.e. positivity and growth. 

He said that we need a lot many changes at executive and administrative level to reach the outreach, in line to this system needs to be more scientific and rational. Ultimate responsibility is with the common people to grow and remain positive.

He mentioned that the vision of the institute of positivity is building democratic progressive nation and creating society based on positivity. He said that it is necessary to transform destructive to constructive tendencies that will come through education and more importantly from civil society. We need to have hands on experience on social change.

Special Guest Lt. Colonel Bharat Pannu, World Champion Ultra Endurance Cyclist, shared his personal experience and his journey from common man to world champion cyclist. He said that my real achievement is to inspire others to keep themselves fit. He stated that we should make right use of opportunities in the best possible manners. 

He had created his own website dedicated toward cycling as a source of inspiration to all youngsters and athletes. He said that appreciation, encouragement and pain are the key for success.

Earlier, Prof. Parikshat Singh Manhas, Rector, Udhampur Campus, University of Jammu in his welcome address said that this conference is a stepping stone toward positivity. Prof Manhas focused on how to make things positive to perform in efficient and effective manner.

He also insisted that there is a need to build such more institutes facilitating positivity and development. University of Jammu is constantly working for promoting entrepreneurship and start ups, innovation etc. under the University Incubation and Innovation Center (UIIC), Special Purpose Vehicle Fund (SPVF) under the leadership of Prof. Manoj Kumar Dhar. 

Various programs working toward building positivity, such as Udhampur Campus Capacity Building Series (UCCBS), Udhampur Campus Community Facilitation Center (UCCFC) had been initiated by Udhampur Campus.

He said that entrepreneurship and skilling open the mindsets of the youth.

He mentioned the five mantras of positivity i.e. adaptability, efficiency, inclusivity, opportunity, and universal. While introducing Prof. Manoj Kumar Dhar, Vice Chancellor, University of Jammu, Prof Manhas said that he is a leading light not only for all offsite campuses of Jammu University but whole UT of Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh.

Earlier, guest speaker Meenakshi Batra, CEO, Charities Aid Foundation India, said that we need to push ourself to be good with us .We must learn from the experience of others to stay positive. 

Earning much money doesn't give us more happiness & satisfaction. She gave various examples to accept the challenges patiently and get the best out of them.

Entrepreneurship, startups, growth, innovation, etc. plays an important role to become independent. She said that a business model needs to be developed based on the local problem and finding its solution. 

It will help in the development of the local community and nation as a whole. She stated that philanthropy is another emerging area, they give financial assistance in form of grants for social welfare.

The valedictory session was presented by Tripti Dutta, (Director, Institute of Positivity) as a session moderator. She presented the vote of thanks to all the dignitaries present at the conference. 

The online platform and live streaming provided an opportunity to large no. of participants to get connected and become part of this conference. The overall session was very informative and shed light on how to remain positive and make the best possible use of the available opportunity.

Prof. Parikshat Singh Manhas also thanked all the participants.

All the teaching faculty was present during the webinar including Dr. Neetu Kumari, Mamta Sharma, Taruna Dubey. Dr. Shilpa Gupta, Dr. Kamini Datta, Dr. Ritika Sambyal, Nikhil Khajuria, and Dr. Ajay Salgotra.

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