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Rana, Slathia pledge to uphold Jammu's interest

VIJAYPUR: Pledging to uphold the honour, dignity and interest of the Jammu region under the overall umbrella of Jammu and Kashmir, Senior National Conference leaders Devender Singh Rana and Surjeet Singh Slathia today said that justice to all and discrimination to none is essence of the democratic polity.

Vowing to strengthen Jammu and its people, Devender Singh Rana who was addressing a public meeting at Swankha in Vijaypur Assembly Constituency along with Surjeet Singh Slathia said as votaries of unity of J&K we believe that the strength of inclusive Jammu and Kashmir emanates from the equitable empowerment of pluralistic Jammu region and its sub-regions.

Earlier Former Minister Surjeet Singh Slathia echoing the same sentiments said the Jammu interest remains sacrosanct for the cadre, who won't tolerate any attempt of fiddling with the rights of the people. It is with this agenda that we will fully shoulder our responsibilities and commitment to the people in respect of development, jobs and upholding their dignity, he said.

Rana in the presence of Rattan Lal Gupta, Babu Ram Paul and Sheikh Bashir Ahmed said the development and participation in the decision making should not only appear to be core of the governance mechanism in any dispensation but it should also be visible on ground in immense measure with nobody or no region or sub region nurturing the sense of deprivation and discrimination.

The Provincial President observed that in the recent years people of Jammu have complained of brazen discrimination, especially in respect of development and jobs, saying the people will not forgive those who betrayed the legitimate interests of the region. He pleaded for course correction in the system of governance, saying this will happen when all the regions and sub-regions get their share as a matter of right and not charity. No region , sub-region or religious group should feel marginalised, as they are needed to be tied in the bonds of amity and camaraderie, he said, adding: "We believe in the concept of unity in diversity and single entity of J&K". This bonding cannot be disturbed by the any myopic political agenda, he said.

Referring to the political scenario, the Provincial President reiterated the demand for restoration of statehood to Jammu and Kashmir, saying the vast state of Maharaja Gulab Singh cannot be undermined and called for course correction.

He said: "Restoration of statehood would be a big tribute to the Dogras who sacrificed their lives to carve out the state of J&K", adding that the proud Dogras have inherited a legacy of public service and sacrifice, which should not be taken as their weakness. 

The self-respecting people believe in the philosophy of ‘live and let live' and they will continue towards the cherished goal of seeking dignified life for all, he said while recalling how the big hearted people of Jammu have been feeling the pain and anguish over the treatment meted out to the Duggarland, which always opened up its arms for all those in distress.

Speaking on the occasion, former Minister and State Secretary Surjeet Singh Slathia said "we are equally committed to fight against all the attempts of dividing the society on regional and religious basis", Slathia said, adding that a united Jammu and Kashmir stands guarantee to peace, progress and prosperity.

Slathia observed that ignoring the Jammu interest tantamount to insulting the self-respecting people, who have always been large hearted. He said the time is not far when the people will make the exploiters accountable for their sins committed against Jammu.

The former minister expressed concern over the slow pace of execution on various developmental projects and delay in filling up the vacancies in order to address the burgeoning unemployment problem, which has accumulated in recent years.

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