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FSSAI bans reuse of cooking oil in Jammu

JAMMU: Implementing the circular of FSSAI, Food Safety Wing of Drug and Food Control organization Jammu conducted one day awareness cum workshop for food business operators.

They were directed to keep registry of daily use and disposal. According to FSSAI, the new rule applies to FBO's including restaurants and manufacturer of snacks and deep fried items that consume 50 liter or above of cooking oil for frying everyday.

Assistant Commissioner Food safety Jammu Dr. Parvesh Kumar briefed the participants of big restaurants and FBO's whose consumption of oil for frying is more than 50 liters. They have been asked to maintain registry of repeated oil.

As repeated oils lead to Pysochemical, nutritional and sensory effects to the health. During frying total polar compounds (TPC) a bench mark for measuring degradation of oil are formed in the oil which has adverse effect on health.

As per FSSAI (licencing and registration) first amendment regulation of 2017, the oil is not sustainable for use if its TPC is above 25% This will restrict FBO'S from using the some cooking oil for more than three times. It is also recommended that denature oil should not be topped with fresh oil.

There has been allegations that used cooking oil generated by bigger restaurants and other FBO's were sold at cheaper rates to road side eatries and small operators for further use of frying oil, With new regulation coming into effect the generated oil should only be disposed to the agency authorized by FSSAI.

Food safety officer of Muncipal limit Jammu alongwith Nodal officer of RUCO Jammu division have created awareness amongst the roadside eatries, small scale restaurants on the ill effects of using denatured oil, Following new restrictions, a Jaipur based agency authorized by FSSAI with the collaboration of designated officer will start collecting the discarded cooking oil for the manufacturing of Bio Fuel. It can also be used by Civic body to be used in fogging maching for mosquito control.



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