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Congress, allies managed loot of Waqf assets: Dr Darakhshan

JAMMU: Chairperson Waqf Development Committee of Ministry of Minority Affairs, Member of Central Waqf Council and BJP spokesperson, Dr Darakhshan Andrabi has alleged that Congress and its allies managed loot of Waqf lands and other properties in the country.

Addressing a press conference at Hyderabad along with team members of Waqf Development Committee and BJP leaders from Telangana today, Dr Andrabi expressed her deep anguish over huge land grabbing and encroachments of Waqf properties in many states and Union Territories of the country.

She alleged that during the inspection of Waqf properties and assets throughout India, it was found that overall more than ten percent of Waqf properties have been allowed to be annexed illegally by the `religious and political mafia' during the past so many decades by the ruling dispensations and the management of these properties.

"Here in Telangana, Waqf land and shrines are in pathetic conditions. The local leaders from Hyderabad who are projecting themselves as the messiah of Muslims, have allowed this misuse and mismanagement of Muslim Waqf properties beyond imagination," Dr Darakhshan said.

She said that Congress and its allies have always exploited Muslims and other minorities with sentimental issues and deprived them of real education and economic empowerment. Dr Andrabi said that the Prime Minister's initiatives for minority development in India are historic. "In BJP ruled states, the Government has taken stern steps for retrieving Waqf properties from grabbers and encroachers. Many tall leaders and mafia heads are facing legal action for illegal grabbing and misusing of Waqf assets in these states," Dr Andrabi added.

The BJP leader asked the non-BJP governments to shun their approach of false appeasement of minorities and take immediate steps to take legal action against those who have encroached, grabbed and annexed Waqf assets in their states & UTs. "Central Waqf Council has recommended stern action against the looters of Waqf properties throughout India without any further delay," Darakhshan asserted.

She said that Jammu & Kashmir Waqf Board will be re-structured soon as per the Central Waqf Act for which a notification from Union Ministry for Minority Affairs has been issued recently. She said J&K will have a transparent Waqf Management System for the first time in the history.



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