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Execution of Devika sewerage project: Salathia Chowk to Ramnagar Chowk closed for night hours

UDHAMPUR: To execute works related to the Devika project effectively and expeditiously, the authorities have ordered the closure of road from Salathia Chowk to Ramnagar Chowk from 7;PM to 6:AM for seven days (June 22, 2021 to June 28,2021) to facilitate hassle free night shift work.

As per an order, the public has been asked to choose an alternative road as per their convenience during the timings mentioned for closure. However the communication during the day shall function as usual.

"For effectively carrying out the sewerage work at Bus stand Udhampur, it is ordered that the Buses/ heavy vehicles reaching Udhampur town after 7:PM till 6:AM shall unboard /unload their passengers / goods opposite police station and park their vehicles at New Bus stand Udhampur during 22-6-2021 to 28-6-2021" the order stated further.

Meanwhile, the contractors have advised to make efficient utilization of this time from 7 pm to 6 am and ensure completion of their works as per the timeline fixed and no deviations on this account shall happen.

The Station House Officer has been asked to ensure strict compliance of the order and shall deploy the necessary manpower for its strict implementation on daily basis w.e.f 22-6-2021 to 28-6-2021.

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