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Modi magic fast fading: Harsh Dev

JAMMU: Describing the BJP's humiliating debacle in the high decibel polls in West Bengal as a referendum over the BJP's politics of ‘riveting rhetoric' and ‘spurious' nationalism, Harsh Dev Singh Chairman JKNPP and former Minister has further complimented and saluted the electorates of Kerala and Tamil Nadu for their refusal to succumb to politics of money and muscle power.

Hailing the massive majority of the regional parties including TMC, LDF and DMK, he said that a highly impudent and self flattered BJP with its inflated ego must realize that people of the country can no longer be swayed by deceptive slogans and false promises.

He said that gigantic emergence of regional parties assumes greater significance especially in a situation where in the ruling BJP Government had thrown all its might with PM Narendra Modi along with dozens of Chief Ministers, Union Ministers, Hundreds of MPs and thousands of RSS workers from all across the country campaigning for the saffron party with the corporate sector and huge resources at its command.

He said that the results are an eye opener for a narcissistically pleased and a highly ascendant BJP which had been largely intoxicated with power and solely guided by the agenda of capturing power at the cost of its avowed fundamentals and public pronouncements. With Modi magic fast fading, said Singh, the Bengal, Kerala and Tamil Nadu election result is a moment of redefining of Indian politics and re-inventing of democracy wherein the regional parties have come in prominence in the state elections.

Calling upon the people to take cue from the said elections, Harsh Dev Singh observed that with Modi's wax masculine image fast melting, it was the regional parties alone that could meet the public expectations at the local level and mitigate their sufferings.



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