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Army organises online amity meeting

RAJOURI: In continuation with the efforts to foster peace, communal harmony and prosperity in the region, Indian Army organised Amity Meeting through tele-conferencing at Lam in district Rajouri (J&K).

The aim of the conference was to spreads awareness about the devastating prevalent situation of COVID-19 pandemic in the country and to suggest mitigation actions.

The local opinion makers such as Sarpanch, Panch and Numberdaars representing all communities in the teleconferencing were educated on COVID-19 outbreak and its basic preventive measures like maintaining social distancing, washing hands with soap, wearing mask, avoid social gatherings etc.

Locals were also educated on basic symptoms of COVID-19 along with new symptoms seen in 2 strain of COVID surge. The attendees were also briefed about the changing weather and regular viral fever which people mistakenly relate to COVID and create panic situation.

The locals were advised to take preventive measures like drinking warm water, kadha and use of steaming. Through the teleconferencing the locals were also educated about the online procedure to register themselves for third phase of vaccination drive via application starting with effect from 01 May 2021.

The gesture of Indian Army was welcomed by the populace and will go a long way in consolidating of military civil bond.


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