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Ladakh Winter Conclave concludes

KARGIL: As part of the various activities in connection with the 2nd edition of Ladakh Winter Conclave-2021, on the final day, cultural performances, heritage walk and archery matches besides sightseeing of various historic and religious sites were organized for the guests in Garkone, Chiktan and Bodh Kharboo areas.

Assistant Director Tourism Kargil Aga Syed Toha, prominent tour operators, travel agents, members of All Domestic Tour Operators of India (ADTOI), bloggers, travel journalists and filmmakers from Maharashtra, Gujarat, Delhi, West Bengal, J&K and tourism and travel trade people of Kargil were present on the occasion.

Speaking on the occasion, Assistant Director, Toha said, with the visit of the tour operators and experts of the trade from across the country expectations of people associated with Kargil tourism and locals has gone up and it is hoped that the team of experts, bloggers, journalists and others who visited the Conclave will certainly motivate people to visit Kargil and will act as Ambassadors of this place to promote its immense tourism potential.

Secretary ADTOI, Anil K. Rajput suggested the people of Darchiks, Gakone, Bodh Kharboo and Chiktan to preserve their culture and traditions and the folk artists of Darchiks and Garkone were presented gifts as token of love on behalf of all the guests.

Sudhir Anant Patel of Veena World said all efforts will be made to send maximum number of tourists to Kargil.

An archery match was organized for guests at Khardun Chiktan where local scholars Mohammad Sadiq Hardassi and Kacho Hassan Khan briefed them about the history of the Chiktan Razi Khar castle.

Later, the final event of the conclave was organized at Bodh Kharboo Monastery were historic and cultural traditions of the village were narrated to the guests.



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