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1st ever Superpositivity Festival held at Model Academy

JAMMU: In a bid to lift the sagging spirits of Jammuites during the COVID-19 crisis, Model Academy hosted a unique inspirational event called Superpositivity Festival.

The festival was created by Vickrant Mahajan and promoted by the Superpositivity Movement. Presenters at the festival included teachers, homemakers, artists, doctors, engineers, students and entrepreneurs, who spoke about their challenges during the pandemic and how they positively overcame them. The festival was spread over 10 sections featuring two presenters each.

The presenters were: Dr Renu Gupta, Dr Adit Gupta, Rupa Gupta, PK Srivastava, JK Dhiman, Manjari Sehgal, Dr Reeta Dwiwedi, Dr Monika Bajaj, Dr Rohnika Sharma, Jasleen Mohial, Suman Gupta, Ruchi Sharma, Dr Mahesh Gupta, Chanda Gupta, Navleen Kour, Anu Anand, Neelam Maini, Mohini Thapa, Neetu Dhar and Nandika Srivastava.
The festival started with a recitation of the Superpositivity Anthem by Veenaa Gupta and SK Gupta and culminated with the Superpositivity Chant.

Like all inspirational platforms created by Superpositivity Movement, the Superpositivity Festival too can be hosted by anyone, anywhere in the world for free, without any limitation or commercial consideration whatsoever.

Speaking on the occasion, Rupa Gupta, Joint Director MIER, the chief organizer of the event said, "Today, almost every speaker became emotional and moist-eyed while sharing their life's challenges and how they overcame them. Each one of us felt so inspired. After organising the event, and being a featured speaker as well as an audience member, I can vouch for the power of the Superpositivity Festival to inspire people all over the world to be superpositive."

The event marked the seventh anniversary of Superpositivity Movement, which was founded in Jammu in November 2013. The next Superpositivity Festival would be held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in December this year.



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