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Centre has no love for people of J&K, only wants its resources and land: Mehbooba

SRINAGAR: Alleging that the central government has no love for the people but only wanted resources and land of Jammu and Kashmir, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) president Mehbooba Mufti on Thursday said we will not allow this to happen.

"Everyday new directions were being passed by the Centre to pressurise people of J&K" she alleged and said "If they have that much of force why they do not throw out the Chinese who have occupied the Indian land in Ladakh".

The centre felt helpless in front of China and did not even dare to name that country, the former Chief Minister Mehbooba told reporters Thursday afternoon after her party leaders and supporters were arrested during demonstration in Srinagar against the new land law today.

She said she was not allowed to meet his party leaders in police station Kothibagh, where they were detained. She alleged that many leaders were arrested from their houses during the night.

Under the new law anyone from any part of the country can purchase land in the Jammu and Kashmir without having domicile or state subject certificate.

However, Mehbooba said she will not allow anyone to loot the land and resources in J&K.

" We are not Twitter politicians", she said adding we will not stay silent and will make every efforts that nobody takes away our land and resources. We will not let it happen, she declared and said today they used force to stop us but next time this will not happen.

She said the Centre was misleading people and trying sell the abrogation of Article 370 in other parts of the country, where poor people are asking jobs and food. What a poor people will do by purchasing land in J&K, she questioned and alleged new land law was introduced only to benefit big and corporate houses.

She said people from our party in Jammu protested against the law on Wednesday and today we came out to protest here but the leaders were stopped and arrested. However, she reiterated her appeal for united fight against the alleged communal intentions of the centre. She warned that if we do not stand against it united, Centre will plunder everything that we have.

She said when the people of Ladakh protested they were taken to Delhi by air and asked about their issues. Now they too are against it, she claimed.

She said Parliament have no right to abrogate Special status of the Jammu and Kashmir. Only local legislators have the authority to do it, she claimed.

She alleged that Jammu and Kashmir has been turned into a jail, where neither the journalist nor the civil society, or even the politician, can raise their voice against what's happening.

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