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88 prisoners cured of COVID-19 in Jammu district jail

JAMMU: Eighty-eight prisoners, who were earlier tested positive for COVID-19, have recovered in the district jail in Amphalla here, bringing down the number of active cases in the prison to four, a senior official said on Sunday.

There is no positive case among the jail staff, Amphalla District Jail Superintendent Mirza Saleem Ahmad Beig told PTI.

He said the final testing of 92 positive prisoners and 24 new admissions was undertaken on Sunday.

"We are happy to announce that out of the total population of 635 inmates, only four inmates are positive now," he said, expressing confidence of keeping the disease at bay with the cooperation of the staff and prisoners by following the set guidelines and Standard Operating Procedures strictly.

Amphalla jail recorded the highest number of COVID-19 cases in Jammu region. Earlier this month, the 80 prisoners and three staff members were found positive but 72 of them including all the three staff members later turned negative after successful treatment.

Days later, another batch of 84 prisoners tested positive for the infection taking the number of active cases in the prison to 92.

Beig said none of the women prisoners tested positive for the disease.


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